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Part of the legal team of ASML

ASML, one of the Netherlands' largest high-tech companies, initially engaged Halsten to oversee a smooth transition from the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act to the General Data Protection Regulation, the new European privacy regulation, in 2018. Since then, we have been working together on all the rules and contractual conditions laid down in the law. Halsten is part of the team of legal experts that drafts the policy and reviews and amends contracts. We will continue to be involved as part of the legal team after that, as well.

Celine Teeuwen, legal counsel at Halsten: 

“Our cooperation with ASML began in 2018 with the drafting and conclusion of processing agreements that laid down the terms and conditions under which third parties are permitted to process data. We performed legacy checks on existing contracts to determine whether the arrangements agreed had been properly documented or whether changes needed to be made. We also introduced a process to ensure that this check was performed for all new contracts. In addition, we advised the privacy office on the legal issues involved in the subject and provided support in determining a data retention policy that lays down how long personal data must be retained. And we are currently helping to draft binding corporate rules and advising on getting these rules approved by the European regulatory authorities. We are also part of the contract team, scrutinising the legal aspects of various contracts.

Halsten’s strength? We are bringing our expertise to a large organisation. We are part of the team of legal specialists, and Halsten makes it possible to easily scale our support up or down depending on the client’s needs.”

Project managers

Project features

  • Mapping the various legal consequences of the General Data Protection Regulation and shaping these based on policy
  • Advising the privacy team
  • Substantive support for the legal team
  • Flexibility in the scale of support
  • Halsten’s colleagues on hand to assist
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