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Assisting in a European Commission request, Euretco

With its shop formulae like Intersport and Libris, Euretco is a household name in the retail landscape. Our long-standing and close collaboration with Euretco made it possible for us to recruit their first in-house counsel. In the middle of a long, hot summer, an urgent request for information was received from the European Commission. Following complaints from competitors like Spotify, the Commission investigated whether the tech giant Apple was abusing its power. A legal battle is also being waged against the company by Epic – known for the game Fortnite. The European Commission needed insight into the market and the playing field, which is why it asked Libris questions about its share in the sale of online/electronic content. For Libris, this concerned e-books and audiobooks. This type of information is highly confidential to the client. Still, the mandatory nature of the request for information meant that not answering the European Commission's question was not an option. By responding quickly with strategic action and engaging the right people, we were able to complete this assignment within the European Commission's strict time limit."

Saskia Baan: compliance & legal counsel:  

“Our contact was about to take a holiday, so I said; don’t worry, go on holiday, we’ll take care of this. This is a testimony to how personal the relationship between Euretco and Halsten is, how short the lines are, and how much mutual trust exists. Such investigations require evaluating which essential information to disclose. The drawback is that the information provided could be made public. We immediately amplified our efforts, providing practical support in the sorting and analysis of data. We also brought in a competition law expert from our network. His expertise enhanced our work, while his professional privilege gave the data provided by Euretco/Libris added protection. Together, we quickly and carefully answered the request with the right level of detail. Assignments like these are of a legal nature but largely concern communication: evaluating expectations while safeguarding our client’s interests. Being both a lawyer and a tech enthusiast, cases like these inspire and excite me: Epic/Fortnite versus Apple on my desk!”

Project managers

Project features

  • Rapid up-scaling, both internally and externally
  • Evaluating expectations: which information must be disclosed in any event?
  • Highly current and relevant topic
  • Mutual trust between client and counsel
  • Competition law
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