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Maturity Analysis

Maturity analysis is used for clear and targeted optimisation of legal processes in various organisations.

Legal counsel Vincent Roos explains:

“The starting point for each maturity analysis is the client’s question. For an internationally operating construction company, our maturity analysis was aimed at assessing the company’s position and getting to know it better. The company does not have a legal department but wanted insight into its legal risks in terms of its business processes, contracts, and contract management, and it needed to know whether it complied with all the relevant laws and regulations. We answered these questions for them in the maturity analysis. We interviewed key officers in the various organisations, such as management, sales, finance, and account management, and reviewed legal documents (contracts, powers of attorney and models) and examined the company’s legal processes.”

The next step is to advise based on the positioning assessment. Vincent says: “After completing the blueprint, we advised on the subsequent steps that could be taken. At this company, we made sure they complied with laws and regulations, ensured that new model contracts were in place to cover the legal risks adequately, and wrote guidelines to support the business processes. This created a basis enabling the company to move forward in the time to come. We are still watching from the side-lines to determine whether any support is needed in the implementation.”

Maturity Analysis for Port of Rotterdam:

“The Port of Rotterdam is a global market leader and Europe’s largest port. We have been working for this client for some time, and they have their legal department as well as legal counsels in non-legal departments. For both the Port of Rotterdam and its shareholders, continuing to be a lead player, even internally, has top priority. The maturity analysis served to determine whether it satisfied the right standards in the various areas covered by the maturity analysis, including Legal Operations, Compliance, Contract Management and Governance. We worked closely with the in-house legal department, carrying out a series of studies and interviews with stakeholders and employees to obtain a clear picture of the current situation. We also liaised regularly with the client to ensure that expectations were properly managed and that the report, which included several practical points for improvement, would be positively received. This approach has therefore proven its worth in organisations with which we are already collaborating and where our expertise is required in a specific area.”

Project managers

Project features

  • For existing and new clients
  • Blueprint of the entire legal department or the organisation’s legal risks
  • Targeted points of improvement for optimisation through gap analysis
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