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Structural collaboration in the pharmaceutical industry

Our client in this project is one of the largest wholesalers of pharmaceutical and self-care products and distributors in Europe, supplying more than 115,000 pharmacies, physicians, care centres and hospitals each year from 300 distribution centres in 11 countries. The Netherlands has both pharmacies of its own and a franchise formula with independently operating pharmacists. Halsten has a longstanding relationship with this client: we provide support in particular regarding the purchase and sales contracts, storage and distribution agreements, lease agreements and franchise agreements.

José de Block, legal counsel at Halsten:

“In broad terms, we assist our client in all legal issues, primarily in the areas of purchase and sale, distribution and lease agreements. We advise this client on the conclusion of large purchasing and distribution agreements with pharmaceuticals and sales to healthcare providers, such as hospitals, pharmacies, and GPs. We conduct the contract negotiations on its behalf and act as a sparring partner for any issues that arise relating to franchised pharmacies and pharmacies that we own. As a legal adviser, we were also involved in the development and construction of a new distribution centre, advising on the development agreements with contractors, architects, and other stakeholders.

We have been working with this client for a very long time, and I am their designated contact at Halsten. When a job or request comes in, I choose our best person for the job. This may involve a specific area or level of expertise: senior, medior or junior; we ensure a perfect fit. This is how we always provide tailored advice and support.”

Project managers

Project features

  • Broad range of legal services
  • Specific expertise in the purchase and sale of pharmaceutical products
  • Longstanding cooperation
  • Permanent part of the flexible team
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