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Structural partnership transport sector

One of our clients is a worldwide specialist in cargo insurance. The company provides effective and innovative solutions for safe transport. Halsten supports it with a multidisciplinary approach. The project began with a maturity analysis to gain insight as a point of reference into the legal department and its tasks and processes. This analysis laid the foundation for phased optimisation of the processes in terms of both legal substance and operations.

Roel Hakvoort, project manager at Halsten and Saskia Baan, legal counsel at Halsten: 

“The maturity analysis is a bespoke process. Based on interviews with the various departments, we draw up a report with targeted recommendations for legal optimisation. The report brought three main duties to light, which were subsequently addressed and implemented by Halsten. A Halsten legal counsel provides substantive support in the areas of compliance and integrity. We can provide specialised expertise for these subjects, making our legal counsel a valuable asset in this area. We also provided the recruitment and selection of a legal counsel who now works in this client’s legal department. With the maturity analysis, useful points of reference were identified, showing the legal fields in which and level on which reinforcement was needed. The legal counsel is also assisted and coached by Halsten. We were able to take the contract management up a notch. We made recommendations regarding a digital contract management system that incorporates the contracts from all parts of the company. Digitising this process enabled our client, active in the world of logistics, to make significant efficiency improvements.

Halsten’s strength in this case? With our sound, multidisciplinary approach and addressing all the ensuing activities, we helped this client achieve professionalisation in the legal field. Our maturity analysis kick starts the optimisation of legal departments and processes.”

Project managers

Project features

  • Maturity analysis as a reference point for the status of legal processes
  • Substantive legal expertise
  • Recruitment and selection to expand the legal department
  • Strategic advice for implementing the contract management process
  • Halsten’s team can provide all the necessary expertise
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