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Wind parks

Projects involving the construction of wind parks are complex. They involve a variety of different issues that are interrelated, requiring broad knowledge and experience. Developers and owners of wind parks, like our client, include us in their development project teams at an early phase, as many decisions that are crucial from the legal perspective must be made in every phase. Based on our expertise, we are often called in for one specific component.

Bas Groot, legal counsel at Halsten:

“As legal counsel, I am often called in for renewable energy processes, each of which are interesting and challenging projects. Over the past ten years, we have become a true expert in this market.

Our rates are competitive, and making regular and proactive use of our expertise is financially appealing to our clients. With a sound preparatory process, we lay the foundation for a smooth project. Legal preparation of this type is a must for the financing as well. Wind parks are sometimes funded by a consortium of banks, all of which have their legal departments. As full-fledged partners in the discussion, we can be fierce negotiators for our clients because we have the knowledge and know-how to ensure the best deal possible.

This is the area in which my studies in both law and business administration meet and fortify each other, which is why projects of this type give me a great deal of satisfaction. As a team, we each contribute to a common objective from our backgrounds. Although I am an external consultant, of course, we do function as a close-knit team. We focus on the key milestones: the permits, the financial closing, and the point at which the wind turbines are up and running. We experience and celebrate these together. When I drive past wind parks later, I am filled with pride: as Halsten, we helped make this possible.”

Project managers

Project features

  • Extensive experience with wind energy projects
  • Part of the client’s multidisciplinary team
  • Know-how and experience with industry standards, including FIDIC contracts
  • Involved from the beginning until the very end: efficient, also in terms of costs, and effective
  • Standing Halsten legal counsels with additional expertise per issue or project phase
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