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Publication of Handbook on Noise

Lawyer specialised in noise and environmental law: Daniella Nijman is one of Halsten's team of lawyers and co-author of the Handbook on Noise (Handboek Geluid) published in December 2020.

This Handbook explains the dynamic and complex field of noise legislation. Noise pollution is a phenomenon of all times and a theme so diverse that numerous disciplines can be distinguished within it. This diversity is also evident in the clearly distinct subfields of legislation, each with its history, ground rules and case law. What might seem a minor theme within environmental law, at first sight, can prove in practice to be a substantial whole. This justified the compilation of a specific handbook that guides readers through the systems of the various subfields. Noise is also a theme in which technology and legislation are strongly interrelated. To facilitate proper understanding of the regulations, the Handbook begins with a brief description of noise as a physics phenomenon. It discusses the main fields in Dutch noise legislation, such as noise from road and rail traffic, industrial noise, spatial planning, and activities. Several specific themes are also addressed: noise-zone allocation, noise at events, and litigation. These are followed by looking ahead at the new Environment and Planning Act and changes in the noise legislation governing the various disciplines.

The Handbook on Noise is currently available online through various channels.

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