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Alice Koop

Legal counsel

Alice Koop has broad experience working as a lawyer and legal counsel. She began in law in 2002 and switched to the commercial sector in 2008. Her foundation lies in civil law and contracting, with varying emphasis over the years, including insolvency law, construction and lease law, and consumer rights.  

“Thanks to my broad work experience and interests, I can quickly and thoroughly engage with focus on a variety of clients from various sectors, such as property and renewable energy, but also retail, wholesale and production companies. I have extensive experience in drawing up and assessing a variety of contracts and general terms and conditions and in advising businesses about corporate legal issues. I also always welcome diving into new subjects. Thoroughly understanding an issue and translating this into targeted advice is one of my areas of expertise.

Believing that my work adds value and continuing to develop are what gives me energy. It is special to be a part of Halsten. We are a single team in which everyone can be themselves. We complement one another, and that motivates us and increases quality. Halsten rapidly grew from a small team, simply driven by the eagerness to achieve. That is why working for Halsten’s clients is so satisfying. The pride in working for Halsten and the goal of providing quality as a team can be felt from everyone in the team.”

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