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Andrea Cuijpers

Senior counsel Andrea always thinks and acts with a view to a solution. That is exactly why she can shine at Halsten. When she is not working, her creativity keeps her busy: she loves making music, enjoys doing odd jobs and gardening, and is eager to work on her personal development.

Andrea is a generalist in the field of contract law and has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating international or other contracts in intellectual property, privacy and consumer rights and legislation in e-commerce, ICT, and travel. Five years after passing the bar, Andrea switched to legal counsel and worked for many years as interim counsel for various principals in the technological innovation sector, including IBM, TNO, Interxion, Logica and Canon. In addition, before joining Halsten, Andrea was Head of Legal for the e-commerce and travel company Travix for four years.

“I assist start-ups and innovative companies and organisations that have a lot to do with technology. I started my career as a lawyer, but I soon realised that the polarisation involved was not for me. I like thinking in terms of possibilities and being pragmatic. That means short lines and clear communication. Over the years, I have learned that my gut feeling is valuable to my work besides expertise. Going with your gut feeling means saying what you think. As far as I am concerned, legal counsels should show more of themselves.”

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