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Anja Snoek

Legal counsel

A cup of coffee marks the start of Anja’s day, filled with everything within the branch of employment law. Through her years of work experience as a lawyer and in-house counsel, she has extensive experience in advising and litigating in the field of employment law in the broadest sense. 

“I want to unburden clients and help them solve their legal issue or dispute pragmatically, but I also like to think along at a strategic level. Mutual trust and cooperation is the basis for a good and long-term business relationship. Not only with the client but also with colleagues. Halsten’s vision of ‘legal.together’ is therefore in line with my mentality and way of working. I take the time to listen, think along with the client and approach issues with a positive outlook. It is important to think in terms of possibilities rather than impossibilities, so that the client can move on. This is a driving force in my work as well as in my private life. I like sports, but am not a runner by nature. I would never have thought that I would ever finish the Rotterdam marathon. But with a driven mindset, you can seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

In addition to tackling legal issues, I see it as my goal to make clients more aware of their legal position. Identifying and addressing legal risks earlier can prevent many legal issues and ultimately give clients more space to focus on the core business.

Because I am interested in the entire width of employment law, there is a lot of overlap with other areas of law. For me, putting my heads together in a multidisciplinary way with driven and enthusiastic colleagues is essential for the mutual atmosphere as well as providing good and complete advice. Just like a dose of humor from time to time!”

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