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Charlotte Caris

As legal counsel, Charlotte’s primary field is business law. Her focus is on M&A transactions, corporate housekeeping, and corporate secretary activities.

“I chose the world of law because I love the puzzles it presents. The unique situation of every business, project, or transaction means that the law must always be approached from a different perspective. At the same time, as legal counsel, I need to take various interests, capacities, and timelines into account. A continuous challenge!

Business law is the most appealing to me because it is relevant to every business, which ultimately means that I get to work in many different fields, sectors, and client groups. It means that my work is never the same. Also, at Halsten we don’t work with permanent teams; the best people are selected to work together on each issue. As a result, not only my work but also the colleagues I work with vary continuously.

I want to keep on learning in the future, of course. Halsten gives me the freedom to choose the areas I want to explore, enabling me to gain broad experience as legal counsel.”

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