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Chayenne van Nielen

Chayenne has joined the Halsten team after completing her Masters in Business Law. Interest in this specialty comes from the diversity it has to offer: thinking about varied issues, associated rules and continually responding to them. However, fresh out of the classroom, Chayenne is curious about all aspects of the legal practice.

“In my work, I go for structure and dotting the i’s. I see value in delivering results that answer the right questions so that colleagues and/or clients can actually move forward with them. I always approach issues open-minded, so that together we reach the best suitable solution. Not just taking a standard route, but weighing the possibilities without judgment.”

Thus, Chayenne had a fresh perspective and creative solutions to issues. That creativity, by the way, is reflected in her role as an entrepreneur. With her own company CHA CHA the label, she personalizes e.g. sneakers and other items with hand painted designs. “What many people don’t expect of a lawyer is a different, creative side. I actually see the similarity in creative thinking: in the workplace I work creatively with my head, for my business I do so with my hands.”

In short, with a dash of Brabants’ sociability, Chayenne grabs the job as a starting junior with both hands. “It’s nice when you join a team and immediately notice that you can ask for anything. That gives you an extra boost to contribute to projects as a junior and let your ideas be heard. Combined with the new responsibilities handed to you, I experienced the Halsten way of working right away in my starting period here.”

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