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Dorien Rypkema

Lead counsel Dorien always wanted to be a judge, but she discovered that the world was much larger and more dynamic than a courtroom. Being a specialist in property and energy, Dorien acts as a sparring partner for both clients and colleagues, coordinates legal affairs for clients, and provides substantive guidance to junior and medior legal counsels.

“Unravelling, studying, writing, and putting things into words: each day, I face challenging puzzles. Clients on the cusp of the public and private sectors – harbours and airports, for example – are especially interesting to me because of the combination of strategic, public, and commercial interests. My other favourites are property and sustainable energy projects: because of the project approach – together you work towards a specific finished product – and because of their complexity – the wide variety of parties and stakeholders involved in projects of this type, each with interests of their own. When my client is happy and satisfied, I have done my work well.

We are never too old to learn, which is why I hope to dive even deeper into bankruptcy law and restructuring. This will enable me to utilise my knowledge even more broadly. If there is one thing that I could change in our field, it would be general terms and conditions. They really need to be shorter, more concise, and more legible.

Still, working as a lawyer after so very many years is not what I expected. But the diversity, the close contact with clients, the variety of legal issues and the steep learning curve mean that every day, I still enjoy working at Halsten.”

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