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Ingrid Serruijs

Ingrid completed her studies at Utrecht University early in 2000. She started her career with AKD Advocaten as a lawyer in the employment law division on January 1, 2000. In mid-2001, Ingrid switched from AKD in Eindhoven to Vogel & Ruitenberg Advocaten in Amsterdam, specialising in employment law. Because she was also interested in experiencing the corporate aspect, she assumed the role of Head of Legal Affairs as an in-house lawyer at Compass Group in 2006.

She continued her career as an independent lawyer late in 2008. She has worked as an interim lawyer for large international organisations including Fujitsu Siemens, Heineken, EFFECT Photonics and Euretco, and has also regularly worked for law firms. While working as an independent (interim) lawyer, Ingrid became more proficient in business and contract law besides employment law. The combination of experience as both independent lawyer and corporate counsel enables Ingrid not only to assess legal risks but also to take an organisation’s commercial interests into account. Ingrid has been affiliated with Halsten since 2013.

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