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José de Block

Legal counsel

Lead counsel José loves running and is a legal star in national and international contract law, property, and renewable energy.

“Halsten’s clients are very diverse, and because contracts are needed in every sector, I get to know the minds and legal hearts of very many businesses. That keeps me on my toes: one day I work on large-scale purchasing contracts, while the next, I might act as a legal counsel in attracting funding for a wind park. Connecting with others is what gives me energy, even when they think differently than I do. I try to keep my view of the world open and unbiased. That regularly brings new insights.

What is special about my work? Today’s society is becoming increasingly ‘juridified’. Although it is debatable whether that is a positive development, it certainly adds challenges and versatility to my work. Not only are there disputes to be resolved, but more legal work than ever before is involved when entering relationships and collaborations. Contracts are needed for so many things these days!

Luckily, Halsten is a great place to work, and my colleagues are fantastic. We are professional and growing rapidly, but we also keep a close eye on the person behind the legal professional.”

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