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Judith Noordzij

Packed with compassion and fresh energy, Judith easily takes various perspectives into account, reaching solutions in an understanding yet decisive manner. Besides practicing employment law at Halsten, she also puts her focus on her own platform to help others dealing with burn-out complaints. With this valuable combination of knowledge and experience, Judith contributes to both employment law legal practice as well as our Halsten People Coaching business line.

“For me, the basis of every project consists of empathy, compassion and with that delivering high quality. I see it as my role to remove ambiguity, and act as a link between theoretical legislation and practical implementation. For example, by taking employees by the hand through the complex legal maze they may encounter during a burn-out. Because being in the middle of a burnout is already a maze in itself.

I prefer to spend my free time outdoors, walking the dog or waking up surrounded by nature. Fresh air, fresh perspective on projects. In an environment with lots of greenery around me, I recharge and find balance between my various activities. That helps to look at things from a distance, understanding each other’s interests and avoiding unnecessarily complicated disputes. That Halsten way of working together, suits me because of that.”

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