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Maud Grond

Legal counsel

Maud is legal counsel and lives in The Hague, but secretly hopes that Halsten will open a branch in Paris. She lost her heart to the French city of ‘lights and love’. In her work, she welcomes anything that involves contract law, international or otherwise, and privacy law, which is becoming increasingly important in our data-driven society.

“Organisations are increasingly dependent on digital data. It is not without cause that privacy is an ever-growing issue alongside customary contractual arrangements. Businesses and sectors are becoming increasingly interconnected and are more dependent on one another because of the data they exchange. That means that sound arrangements must be made and that data must be carefully secured in organisations. If a data breach occurs at one of our Halsten clients, my colleagues know I am always available, night or day, any day of the week. My professional interests include technological developments like artificial intelligence,  blockchain and the Internet of Things because these innovations involve a strong privacy aspect.

I am where I need to be at Halsten: we are concerned not only with our clients but with each other as well. We know when we can help one another or add value.”

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