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Roel Hakvoort

Manager Legal Operations

Besides being a runner in the woods, or mountains and a builder of Lego castles with his children, at Halsten Roel is also manager of operations, project manager and legal operations consultant.

“Optimising the corporate legal process based on my technical background: that is what I do every day. For the client on the one hand and internally on the other. To me, the most interesting sectors are those in which technology plays an important part. That makes it so great that at Halsten, I can continue to develop in areas like cybersecurity and other IT processes. The law sector is often very conservative in terms of IT. That is why there is a lot of innovation potential. I consider it my mission to make that innovation part of everyday work.

It gives me energy to see my ideas working and going as planned. As does seeing clients and colleagues understand and enthusiastically welcome a new process proposed by me.

It is important for me to work in a company where I can be part of a fun and closely-knit team. I am a bit of a control freak: I want to get to the bottom of everything and like to have things organised efficiently and properly; I won’t print anything but do everything on screen. Halsten is flexible and offers an enormous number of opportunities. I can continually develop.”

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