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Romy Goudswaard

From her Master’s degree in Business Law, Romy started working in the broadest sense of the law, gaining experience specifically in the financial world. Now she is just looking to delve into specific areas of the law, and is curious what she will add to her specialties. The core lies in endless growth and walking a path whose route is not yet fixed. Good-humored and with her open attitude, you will therefore not easily hear her say “no” to a challenge.

“For me, the greatest importance lies in weaving a practical perspective into my work. Because truly valuable advice is tailored advice. And to give tailored advice you have to make sure you have the client’s organization and its vision in mind. The clich√© of being received with a warm welcome, immediately felt to me like the right affirmation and actual application of the Halsten trademark ‘legal.together’. Understanding how you can help each other and the client, figuring out which pieces are relevant and fit together. Meanwhile, I see the well-known phrase “depends on the circumstances of the case” as an opportunity rather than a limitation. It helps me solve any legal puzzle that comes my way.

In addition to legal puzzles, there are often jigsaw puzzles in front of me as well. Or I can be found outside after a busy day, e.g. playing tennis or walking while listening to an audiobook. At other times, you can recognize me by my notebook and to-do lists, because I prefer to write and read everything on paper. However, that’s far from sustainable, so in the meantime I’m delving into beautiful, nature-saving alternatives. Because sustainability is after all a subject that interests me a lot, also in my work.”

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