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Saskia Baan

Compliance & Legal

Lead counsel Saskia always puts her family first. As a true lover of nature, she tunes out and recharges by hiking in the woods, walking her dog or riding her horse. But her career is also very important: “Otherwise I would be a real grump at home.” Saskia specialises in technology, the manufacturing industry, intellectual property, and internal legal and business processes.

“I am not a theorist: I am pragmatic. The values I represent are integrity, honesty, and transparency, without hubris. In my work, I focus on avoiding conflicts, collaboration, and thinking out of the box unless there is a better way. I always work to realise the best possible outcome for my client. I am very interested in the combination of running a business and legal affairs.”

“I love that Halsten’s clients are on the move: doing new things and utilising new opportunities. That matches my love for development. I have broad experience in every phase of business development, which means that I can translate my clients’ business models into legal options. Acting as lead counsel, my experience in the international field always accompanies me.”

“Given my years of experience, I love passing my know-how on to younger colleagues and helping them to develop and grow. The good days are when I can make use of my drive and energy in promoting Halsten as a team or in answering my clients’ questions.”

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