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Sietske van der Werf

Managing Director

If you tell Sietske that something is impossible, she will prove you wrong. With no noteworthy legal understanding, she decided things could be done differently in the sector and started her own business. Halsten was born when that company merged with Bas Groot’s company in 2013. As managing director, Sietske manages everything that is not legal. 

“Multitasking and looking ahead are well-suited to my business style. I work on the company’s strategy, deal with HR and recruitment, safeguard our culture, start collaboration, and address business development and account management. There aren’t many things that I do not oversee.

My job satisfaction comes from the calm that we enable our clients to experience. That happens when they realise their problems are our problems and that the team will do their utmost to resolve them. Each time figuring out the puzzle, making the connections and achieving success despite all the odds: that gives me energy.

I get that same energy from our team, in which I safeguard ownership and focus on solutions and a healthy balance between work and play. In our organisation, we truly listen to one another, regardless of position or role. We want to understand one another and are always working towards growth and improvement as a team. Our higher objective: offering our clients the best possible solution while creating the best possible working atmosphere. That connects us and is the best part of it.”

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