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Accell Group

Accell Group is globally active in the mid-high segment of the bicycle market and the market of bicycle parts and accessories. The best known brands of Accell Group are Batavus, Sparta, Koga, Loekie, Ghost, Haibike, Winora, Raleigh, Diamondback, Lapierre, Tunturi, Atala, Redline and XLC.

Halsten was involved in various projects and fulfilled the role of corporate lawyer in preparing for the general meeting of shareholders, establishing/dissolving companies, assessing model agreements and managing various brands.

Special project: Effacts

This project involved setting up and structuring the entire archives for the legal department in Effacts' system. The end result is that both the corporate structure and the agreements concluded by the various companies has now become accessible at all times. Halsten was also involved in various projects of Accell Group NV

Disciplines of law: business law, company law, contract law (general contract law).

Halsten legal department


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Halsten legal department


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Halsten legal department


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