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BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling BV

BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling BV is a full subsidiary of BNG Bank. BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling BV invests risk capital in spatial development projects of government bodies, among other parties, and provides professional and neutral support in the form of financial expertise.

Halsten has provided legal and strategic advice to BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling BV in various participations

Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Ruimte voor Ruimte CV

Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij Ruimte voor Ruimte CV is a cooperation between BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling BV and the Province of Noord-Brabant. This CV implements the so-called Space for Space Implementing Regulations of the central government. This involved the demolition of livestock pens, the relinquishment of phosphate emissions rights in exchange for the issuance of building plots and building permits elsewhere in the province of Brabant on the edge of villages and towns. The demolition compensation fee which farmers received was financed from the proceeds of the plots.

Project Suijssenwaerde CV

Project Suijssenwaerde CV is an alliance between BNG Gebiedsontwikkeling BV and the municipality of Goeree-Overflakkee. This CV implements the Marinapark Oude Tonge project, an area previously known as Waterryck Suijssenwaerde. The objective is to utilise the recreational options present in the area in order to give a new impulse to the local economy and strengthen the support base for facilities in Oude Tonge. A total of 221 holiday homes will be built in the context of the project, which will be distributed over six peninsulas and two dykes.

Disciplines of law: property law, project financing, company law, general contract law.

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