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Eneco Group works in the production, purchase, trade and supply of energy and is responsible for the daily power supply to 2.2 million households and companies. Eneco also provides its clients with service and advice. Eneco Group consists of various components, such as Stedin, Joulz, Eneco Wind, Eneco Warmte & Koude and Ecofys. Eneco Group is a leader in the development and operation of sustainable energy projects.

The Halsten team has been working with Eneco since 2011. We have worked for Eneco as an external legal department (Ecofys), project lawyers (Eneco Wind, Eneco SBH, Eneco Warmte&Koude, Joulz), and as additional/replacement/substitute lawyers at Eneco's internal legal department (Eneco Wind, Eneco Warmte&Koude, Eneco Zakelijk).

We have listed several examples of the files and projects we have worked on below.

Eneco Warmte&Koude

This involved connection to geothermal generating plants for heating/refrigeration in buildings such as Coolsingel 63, Stock Exchange in Rotterdam and Heerema Marine Contractors in Leiden. The clients realises and operates the geothermal generating plants and provides heating and refrigeration.

Several other projects, including the purchase of various ICT facilities, energy performance contracts and assistance during procurement processes and the like.

Project: Leiding over Noord

Halsten provided the overall lawyer for the major heat transport project Leiding Over Noord and a team of lawyers in various disciplines of law. The files related to the supply of materials, contracting work, environmental law and alliances with government bodies and stakeholders. Other issues that were dealt with: land use and property rights, contracts with the other consultants, advice to the project directors, handling and settling disputes in the area, with the contractors and suppliers. In that context, we were responsible for drawing up settlement agreements, correspondence and participating in decision-making processes.

Project: Toon

Halsten drew up the Service Level Agreement with the project partner.

Eneco Wind

Eneco Wind is one of the main developers and operators of wind energy projects. Halsten has been working in close cooperation with Eneco Wind since 2011, mainly on project basis.

Project: Windpark Kreekraksluis

This wind park has been developed and is operated by four parties: Eneco Wind, Delta, Scheldewind and Winvast. Halsten initially worked for Eneco Wind. During the procurement and contracting phase regarding construction and long-term maintenance we worked for the four partners of the project. We also detailed the mutual cooperation among the four parties and set up and negotiated agreements with the Ministry of Defence about the radar systems at Woensdrecht.

Project: Windpark Luchterduinen

This offshore wind park, 23 kilometers off the coast of Noordwijk and Zandvoort, has been developed by Eneco Wind and the Mitsubishi Corporation. With its 129 Mw it is one of the Netherlands' biggest wind parks. Halsten assisted with and implemented the tenders and subsequent contracts of the balance of plant (cables, OHVS, foundations for main contractor Van Oord). Eneco introduced and evaluated various innovations in the balance of plant.

Project: Delfzijl Noord

Wind park Delfzijl Noord has a production capacity of about 63 Mw. Halsten provided assistance and negotiated the construction and long-term maintenance contracts.

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