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Port of Amsterdam

Havenbedrijf Amsterdam NV, a participation of the City of Amsterdam, develops, operates and manages the port of Amsterdam and port grounds.

Havenbedrijf and Halsten have been working together for several years, during which time Halsten has provided many different services, ranging from structural support to the Legal Affairs Department to the outsourcing of separate files and giving specialist advice. Examples of recent projects in which Halsten participated are:

Legal advice to the purchase of the former Solvay grounds at Ankerweg owned by Abbott Healthcare Products, the letting of a section of the grounds under a sublease to Chemtura (sale & lease back) and to Albeton Algemene Beton Maatschappij. An important element of the transaction was the agreement about the obligation to clean up the soil and the associated costs for decontaminating the grounds.

- the termination of the alliance Westpoint Vof;

- the purchase negotiations of the grounds from ODS and subsequent letting;

- purchase negotiations about port grounds in the Vlothaven and subsequent offering to let.

Project: Establishment of Albeton Algemene Beton Maatschappij in the Port of Amsterdam

A land consolidation scheme was a precondition for the establishment of Albeton Algemene Beton Maatschappij in the Port of Amsterdam. Five parties were involved in this scheme with challenging ownership ratios and soil conditions that needed to be taken into account.

Privatisation project

Halsten drew up model agreement and general terms and conditions in the privatisation process of Havenbedrijf Amsterdam in April 2013.

Other projects: Halsten provided advice at various client locations (both rental and long-term lease), relinquishment of leasehold.

Halsten advised RON NV, a subsidiary of Havenbedrijf. RON is a development company which has a number of strategically situated sites in the North Sea canal area in its portfolio. Halsten focused its legal advice on area development, purchase/sale of grounds and negotiations with buyers and sitting tenants. We also focused on the company's corporate structure, particularly on restructuring and refinancing of the company, including the adjustment of corporate housekeeping.

Disciplines of law: property law (tenancy law, property rights such as long-term lease, building and apartment rights, purchase/sale, environmental law), general contract law, company law, procurement law.


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