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Royal Schiphol Group N.V.

Royal Schiphol Group is the largest airport of The Netherlands and a major airport in Europe. Schiphol was in 2016, with more than 63.5 million passengers, the second busiest airport in Europe, after Heathrow in London and Charles de Gaulle airport (Paris).

Royal Schiphol Group's mission is to optimally connect the Netherlands to the rest of the world in order to contribute to prosperity and well-being in the Netherlands and beyond.

Royal Schiphol Group’s ambition is to develop Amsterdam Airport Schiphol into Europe's Preferred Airport for passengers, airlines and logistics service providers alike.

Halsten is working for Schiphol Group since the beginning of 2017 and participates in various projects as external legal department. Halsten participates as Schiphol Group’s legal adviser in the Capital Programme, the project organization within Schiphol Group, which is engaged in a major expansion of the airport: the construction of a new pier and terminal In addition, we fulfil legal activities as a temporary replacement within the in-house legal department of Schiphol Group.

Disciplines of law: European tender procedures, IT and telecommunication, real estate, general contract law.


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