Ensuring that our lawyers become part of your business
assures tranquillity, control, a better understanding and higher results

The convenience
of having all necessary expertise at your fingertips
with one familiar contact

Resolving disputes, protecting rights,
clarifying laws, preventing problems,
establishing agreement

About Halsten

Halsten is a firm of company lawyers whose team consists of lawyers with a thorough knowledge and experience on a wide variety of legal subjects. We work from our offices in Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam, but also on location at the offices of our clients.

Working method 

Halsten operates as an external legal department, on the basis of a long-term affiliation with your organisation. By focusing on close cooperation with our clients, we are able to familiarize ourselves with your objectives and maintain a strong relationship with your business. We are there where we are needed, meaning that we take a proactive approach and make a well-timed contribution to your organisation. As our client you will be assigned with a designated lawyer who will cooperate with you, assist you and who will also serve as your designated point of contact, while the knowledge and experience of our entire team remains at your disposal. As our client you will benefit from the efficiency of our business model. Our fees and fee structures are the new benchmark in the - generally conservative - legal services market.

Our accomplishments and references are self-evident.

Our people

We use smart ICT solutions for an efficient process, but the knowledge and expertise of our lawyers remains key. Our team comprises senior, mid-level and junior lawyers who each individually and jointly have a comprehensive track record. Our lawyers are ambitious, enthusiastic and passionate, and committed to your business and its objectives.


As our client you determine whether to use our services for a specific project or on a regular basis. We are happy to use our knowledge and experience to advise you on the best possible solution, to optimize the legal business processes in your organisation. You control the duration of a project or the number of hours allocated and we are open to discuss the most efficient form of cooperation suitable for your organisation.

We have qualified corporate lawyers available for each and every project and in each different area of law. We select the most suitable lawyer in consultation with our clients and can also set up a team of senior, mid-level or junior lawyers when required. Our lawyers are focused on cooperation with your team and organisation. As we will actively involve your team in all legal issues and considerations your company’s legal intelligence will increase. Our approach to integrate various business aspects with legal aspects will further advance the results of your organisation. We combine all elements and assure a solution. We cooperate with other advisors of our clients and will employ external expert knowledge when required.

Halsten: Enduring cooperation as a beneficial alternative to extemporary services.


Halsten legal department


Cruquiusweg 111G
1019 AG Amsterdam
T 085 488 59 70

Halsten legal department


High Tech Campus 9, K 0.17
5656 AE Eindhoven
T 085 488 59 70

Halsten legal department


Stationsplein 45
3013 AK Rotterdam
T 085 488 59 70