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Because there is a different way

We are a firm with more than thirty legal counsels and lawyers working at the top of their field. Always on their toes and immediately available from three different locations around the country. Flexible, committed and with a thorough understanding of your organisation. With experts in every field of law and a broad track record working for renowned national and international clients.

We are Halsten. legal.together

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We think differently at Halsten. We do things differently. We assign the best legal expert directly to your organisation. This generates commitment. At the same time, we have the flexibility to assign additional expertise and capacity where necessary. And we will just as easily take a step back. We have built up a team that will competently address all your strategic and operational issues. One with a structure and corporate culture that moves flexibly in tandem with you. We keep that promise. We prove that there is a different way.


This is how we work

Acting as an external legal department, Halsten adds value to your organisation. Because we structurally work together with our clients, we know their objectives, and our lines of communication with their organisation are short. We are where we need to be when we are needed. Our proactive approach also enables us to contribute in a timely manner.

This is how we work together with you

A legal counsel is permanently assigned to work with you, who is also your point of contact, while the capacity and expertise of the rest of the team is also at your disposal. As our client, you benefit from the efficiency of our business model; our rates and rate structures form the new standard in the conservative market for the provision of legal services.

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Business lines

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Support after a data breach

Halsten is the legal business partner of an international organisation that processes a large amount of special and other personal data. We provide support for a variety of legal matters, including contract law and privacy law. The organisation experienced a sizeable data breach, not just once but twice within a few months. A data breach occurs when an unauthorised third party obtains access to personal data.

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Wind parks

Projects involving the construction of wind parks are complex. They involve a variety of different issues that are interrelated, requiring broad knowledge and experience. Developers and owners of wind parks, like our client, include us in their development project teams at an early phase, as many decisions that are crucial from the legal perspective must be made in every phase. Based on our expertise, we are often called in for one specific component.

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Nitrogen, Port of Rotterdam

Port of Rotterdam (Havenbedrijf Rotterdam) is an important economic engine for Rotterdam, the Zuid-Holland province, and the rest of the Netherlands. However, like many other companies, it is plagued by restrictive regulations concerning nitrogen deposits. The strict rules applicable to the construction and operation of new industries, to the reorganisation of industrial parts, and to infrastructure projects, for example, are counterproductive to development in that area. Therefore, the central issue for all the parties involved is how to continue to grow despite the restrictions.

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News & events

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Our corporate story

Bas Groot and Sietske van der Werf are Halsten’s commanders-in-chief. Halsten is the answer to a puzzle that was opened more than twenty years ago. At the time, Bas started working for a renowned law firm. After six years, he switched to the field of corporate legal counsel as a sole and independent proprietor, studying after-hours for his Master of Science degree in business administration.

Sietske started with a large HR services provider and has acquired experience in business development, HR, and recruitment. Before Halsten, both Bas and Sietske had built up their own companies in the legal market. Halsten was born from the merger of these companies, bearing the fruit of work experience and insights gained in more classical law firms, business administration, HR, and corporate legal departments.